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  • Unit 5, 39 High Street
    CO5 7ET Rowhedge
  • 07376705405
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Bubbles Dog Grooming

Why is Bubbles Dog Grooming the best choice for you?

I work in my grooming parlour in Rowhedge, Colchester which offers two parking spaces to drop off and collect your dogs. Bubbles Dog grooming offers a calm and relaxed atmosphere in quiet surroundings. I work on a one to one service. Only one dog at a time, unless from the same household and I groom at their pace not mine. I know some dogs are nervous , and so I only work with one dog at a time, that way with just me and your dog it's a calm stress free environment. Your dog will have access to my enclosed garden for comfort breaks and play (weather permitting). My priority throughout your dogs visit with me is their welfare, comfort and needs. Regular skilled grooming is the secret to a calm, comfortable and happy pet, and since you will be the proud owner of a great looking well cared for pet, it's the secret to a happier you too. Aside from boosting your dogs appearance, grooming offers a whole host of benefits to your dog. It stimulates their skin, releasing natural oils which help keep their coat looking its best, and helps them cope with the changing seasons – especially long haired breeds. After all, who wants to face summer in a thick fur coat? Before pampering your dog with a grooming session, I provide a free consultation to discuss your requirements. Special attention is given to each and every dog to ensure they are comfortable and happy. Whether you require wash/dry and brush out or a full groom, I am here to help. My aim is to meet all my customers needs and requirements to ensure both pooch and owner are completing satisfied with my service. I take notes of all grooms, so I know what groom your dog has had, so I can either change or keep the same cut, as to your request. I offer a wide range of grooming techniques including hand scissoring, clipping and hand stripping.

What can Bubbles Dog Grooming offer you?

WASH N GO – from £8 Perfect for when you've been out on muddy walks or your dog has rolled around in foxes poop! Service includes two shampoo washes and a blast to undercoat. Dog slightly damp when collected. BATH, DRY AND BRUSHOUT – toy/small £15 medium £25 large £30 giant £40 General health and wellbeing check Ear clean/pluck (unless requested not to) Two shampoo washes Conditioner or conditioning spray Dry and brush out, removing dead hair and knots Pad trim Sanitary areas – Armpits/rear end/underneath Nail clip Fragrance spritz FULL GROOM – Toy/small £30 medium £35 large £40 giant £50 General health and wellbeing check Ear clean/pluck Two shampoo washes Conditioner or conditioning spray All over body massage Dry and brush out, removing dead hair and knots Pad trim Sanitary area/ armpits/rear end/underneath Styling of coat to the breed standard or to suit dog and owners lifestyle. Nail clip Fragrance spritz Complimentary dogs accessory PUPPY GROOM – From £15 Perfect for introducing your puppy to grooming. This dedicated puppy groom is suitable for puppies from 3-6 months old. The groom includes a bath using puppy friendly shampoo, brush and dry. Nails and ear care and a facial trim to keep them looking their best right from the start. Prices start from £15 but will vary depending on size of puppy, condition of coat and styling requirements. DESHEDDING BATH AND BRUSH OUT - £8 extra Perfect for dog breeds that are prone to shedding. Pre-bath des heading with coat kings/Zoom groom tools Two shampoo washes and conditioner/spray Additional final deshedding for a perfect finish HAND STRIPPING – price on consultation Some dogs need to be hand stripped at least twice a year to get rid of the top coat. Please note that if your dog does not come in for their six weekly groom and are excessively matted, an extra £5-£10 will be charged due to extra time needed to groom and damage to blades. This will also be incurred if your dog is aggressive as it will take longer to groom. A telephone call will be given to discuss this. Late or failed appointments will be charged

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