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  • Pooch Parlour Boxhill Road
    KT20 7PS Tadworth
  • 01737 841010
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Pooch Parlour

Dog grooming since 1977. We groon/bath/clip. from small Chihuahua's to Labradors and Retrievers.
Sadly no longer do the extra large breeds Newfoundlands, Leonbergers etc.and in 2016 stopped taking NEW customers on SOME large breeds - Old English Sheepdogs, Bearded Collies, Rough Collies & dogs of similar size with THIS TYPE OF LONG coat. Nor German Shepherds. Leaving these breeds to the younger generation. Nor do we do cats.  As part of or as a separate service we cut dogs toenails, pluck ear hair & clear scent glands if pet allows. We offer free fringe trims while you wait. A member of staff is trained to Hands-strip small - medium dogs, afternoons only & NO handstripping during the month of December. We sell brushes, pet ID tags, poop bags & all the shampoos we use, plus Dog fragrance sprays to allow you pet to smell nice in between bathing.  We have advice articles and articles titled "Questions to the Groomer". Questions asked by customers over the years. Twice yearly newsletters and a monthly article in the Box Hill & Headly News Parish Mag. Closed every other Friday,Saturday and Monday one week & the following week closed Thursdays and a some Tuesday's following a Bank Holiday. All subject to change. Will show you how to groom your own dog, for a small fee which goes to Greyhound Lifeline.

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