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I adopted an approximately 6mo old puppy from animal control for my 5 year old son. We just picked her up from the vet yesterday, we had to get her spayed. She's feeling a little better today, walking around more. We decided to keep her inside and my concern is that every time I take her out (which has been a lot this morning since she's walking around the house more compared to yesterday and she's not house trained yet) is how bad she smells every time she comes back in. She can be outside for a minute and as soon as she comes in she smells awful. I tried rubbing her with diaper wipes since we had some here but that didn't help. So I was looking at dry dog shampoo online and was considering getting some of that to try... but I'd have to be using it on her every time she comes inside so I was wondering if maybe there's an alternative that'd work better or should I go with the dry shampoo?

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Really sorry have not answered your question.  I did not recieve any notification that a question had been put forward.  This is a web site I rarely look at.  I only check emails on my web own pages  daily.  You could try dog fragrance sprays, or a shampoo that is strong smelling aroma.  Could the scent glands need clearing and we are what we eat.  Could her diet have an effect.  My email for my own business is for any further discussion.